Product Detail


  • Technical Name: Chlorantraniliprole 0.4% w/w GR
  • Mode of Action:
    • Vistara(Chlorantraniliprole(CAP)) is a plant systemic insecticide that belongs to the group anthranilic diamide,which has a unique mode of action called Ryanodine Receptor Activators that disrupt normal muscle functions within the pest.
    • Activation leads to the unregulated release of Ca2+ (Calcium) from the sarcoplasmic reticulum muscle cells resulting in impaired muscle paralysis, feeding cessation lethargy and eventually insect death.
Major Crop(S)Common Name of Pest(S)
a.i(g) Formulation(ml)
Dilution in water(Litre)
Sugarcane Eary Shoot Borer (Chiloinfuscatellus), Top Borer (Scirphophaga excerptalis) 7518.75 Broadcast
Rice Yellow Stem Borer (Scirphophaga Insurtulas), Paddy leaf Folder (Chiloinfuscatellus medinalist) 4010 Broadcast

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