Product Detail


  • Technical Name: Clothianidin 50% WG
  • Mode of Action:
    • The characteristics of neonicotinoids include potent systemic action and high insecticidal activity against sucking insect pests. Neonicotinoid insecticides exhibit excellent insecticidal activity with a high level of safety for vertebrates.
Major Crop(S)Common Name of Pest(S)
a.i(g) Formulation(ml)
Dilution in water(Litre) CROP STAGE
Grapes (Soil Drench) Thrips, Jassids, 250gm, Mealy bugs 250gm500gm 1000 Litre Vegetative growth and fruits setting stage of the crop
Cotton(Soil Drench) Whitefly, Jassids, Aphids, Thrips 100-125gm200-250gm 1000 Litre
Cotton(Foliar Spray) Jassids, Whitefly 15-20gm, 20-25gm30-40gm , 40-50gm 500 Litre, 500 Litre
Sugarcane(Soil Drench) Termites, Shoot borer 125gm250gm 1000 Litre
Tea(Foliar Spray) Tea Mosquito, bug, (Helopeltis Theivora) 30-60gm60-120gm 500 Litre
Rice(Foliar Spray) Brown plant hopper 10-12gm20-24gm 500 Litre

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