Product Detail


  • Technical Name: Propaquizafop 10% EC
  • Mode of Action:
    • Propique (Propaquizafop 10% EC) is post emergence herbicide predominantly effective against monocot weeds in Soybean, Black gram and Onion.
    • Creating new impetus With advanced crop Solutions
    • A powerful shield for abundant & healthy harvest produce
    • The power of outstanding control on unwanted annual and perennial grasses
    • quickly absorbed by the leaves and translocated from the foliage
    • prompt action & improved systemic strength
  • Recommendation:
Crop(S) Common Name of Weeds
ai(gm) Formulation(ml)
Dilution in water(Litre)
Soybean Echinochola colonum, Enhinochloa crusgali, Digitaria Sanguinais Dactyloctenium aegptium Eleusine indica 50-75 500-750 500-750
Onion Digitaria sanguinalis Dactyloctenium aegptium Echinochola colonum phalaris minor 62.5 625 500
Black Gram Echinochola Colonum Digitaria sanguinalis Dactyloctenium aegptium Eleusine indica 75-100 750-1000 500-750
  • Method of Use:
    • Shake the bottle before use measure out requisite quantity of the herbicide and mix it well with small quantity of water. Add the remaining quantity of water as specified with thorough agitation for total coverage of crop with suitable sprayer
    • Crop Stage for application: When weeds are in 2-4 leaf stage.
      Application Technique: Foliar application using high volum sprayers and ASPEE-HTP power sprayer fitted with flat fan or food jet nozzle.
      Equipment Type: Knapsack sprayer with flat fan/flood zet nozzle.
      Nozzle Type: Flat fan/flood zet nozzle
    • Time of Application:
      • Soybean/Black gram: 15-20 days after sowing, Onion: 15 days after transplanting Tomato / Chill 20 days after transplanting.Application Timing: Preferably in the morning and evering hours

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