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  • About: Paclok (Paclobutrazol 23 SC) is a Plant Growth Regulator, which boosts the capacity of immunity and resistance of the plant and determines a considerable increase in quality and quantity of the agricultural produce.
  • Benefits:
    Seasonal cycleApplication EffectAssociated Benefits
    Foliage GrowthControls Tree Vigour● Reduces pruning costs
    ● Allows higher density planting
    ● Easier to achieve optimum tree shape
    ● Rejuvenation of older trees
    FloweringEarlier flowering CycleEscape some pest and disease cycles
    Increased flowering uniformityHigher Yields
    Increased flowering intensity
    FruitingIncreased YieldsImproves palatability
    Higher sugar contentImproves early yield return
    Improves Fruit ColourBetter presentation
    Reduction in picking frequency
  • Major Crops: Mango
  • Dose/Acre: 40-50 ml / Tree
  • Presentation Available: 1 Ltr, 500 ml

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