Product Detail


  • Technical Name: Halosulfuron Methyl 75% WG
  • Mode of Action:
    • Headshot (Halosulfuron Methyl 75% WG) is a post emergence broad spectrum herbicide that belongs to the chemical group of sulfonylurea compound.Halosulfuron Methyl 75% WG has excellent foliar application efficacy against Cyperurotundus in Sugarcane crop, Cyperus rotundus and Cyperus iria in Maize and Bottle Gourd crops
    • It is taken up through the room and shoots via the xylem and downwards via the phloem. It accumulates in the plant and inhibits the enzyme aceto-lactate synthate (ALS), which is responsible for purchasing essential amino acids. The affected weeds cannot, therefore maintain proteins for new cells. The whole process a driven by the plant's use of water(transpiration)
    • Low-Dose Efficacy
    • Excellent Control
    • Multiple Features
    • Improved Healthier Crop & Yield
  • Recommendation:
Crop(S)Common Name of Weeds
ai(gm) Formulation(ml)
Dilution in water(Litre)
Sugarcane Cyperus rotundus L 60-67.5 80-90 375
Maize Cyperus rotundus L, Cyperus iria L 67.5 50 375
Bottle Gourd Cyperus rotundus L, Cyperus iria L 67.590 375
  • Method of Use:
    • Slowly add the required quantity of herbicide to water and stir well with a stick or rod bit is property emulsified.
    • Time of Application:
      • Crop Stage for application Vegetative phase.

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